Wanna help my friend? For free? Please?

Our friend Maya is trying to get a grant from Chase and LivingSocial. She has to get 250 votes to qualify. Right now we're sitting at 109 and we have about 30 hours left to get the other 141.

Would you PLEASE go vote for Uchenna at www.missionsmallbusiness.com? You can vote for more than one business, so even if you already voted for someone else, you can still vote for her. The restaurant name is Uchenna out of Colorado Springs, CO. It would mean SO MUCH to me.

Ken and I first saw this place when we were wandering around Old Colorado City. I think she had JUST rented the place because we peered in through the windows and I don't even think they had a register yet. We tried out out a short while later and it was STUPIDLY good, omg. SO good.

I went back again with a group and she recognized me and came out to give me a hug before I left this time. I'm not really a huggy person but it was novel that a restaurant owner recognized me, so I accepted it. Then we went back AGAIN and she treated me like an old friend. Since then she treats Ken and me like family. When she found out he was in Basic Training she forced snacks on me (you know I can't pass that up because OMG BAKLAVA) to bring home. When he came back for exodus during Christmas, her restaurant was one of the first places we visited. We even brought Ken's mom to meet her, and she made us stay after she closed (the break between lunch and dinner) and fed us and sat and talked to us for a couple of hours. Now she refuses to accept money from us, and is honestly insulted when we offer to pay. I feel guilty but she says that we've done so much for her that she is in OUR debt. I don't agree with this because really all i do is monitor Yelp and do her website and facebook page. THIS is my chance to maybe pay her back for everything she does.

Here is what she wrote on the application for the grant:

cut for lengthCollapse )
Thank a military member! Sears is participating in "Heroes to Homes". After every transaction your cashier will ask if you'd like to donate to the Heroes to Homes Program. This program helps remodel houses for wounded vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan by making their homes handicap-accessible. Just ask the cashier to round up to the nearest $, or donate any amount you like.
Every bit helps!

Apr. 6th, 2010


May. 3rd, 2009

Kumo Ranch finally comes up on google searches when you search for the site! YAY!
Now I just have to get Ken to advertise on Arachnoboards and we'll be good.

Apr. 27th, 2009

Hey, if you're on MySpace you could add Kumo Ranch. That would be really awesome.


My darlingdear friend is selling Melodias at TREMENDOUS prices. I got a pair of cracklies for sixty-fah dollas. You know that's cheap, too.

Look rightcheer. They mostly seem to be L35s, which (happily) I can fit into even if they're a little long.

Right now he's got a pair of black shreddies and a pair of blue Phoenix Rising pants but he says he's got more comin'. Check back!

harp guitar?!?

Holy shit. PLUS this is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever.

Before you pass this by keep in mind this is the FIRST video I've ever embedded, and not just linked to. It is really one of the most awesome things I've ever seen.
And no, it's not a rickroll, good grief. I don't have the patience to do all that.

dolla dolla dolla

Stacy Pershall, a friend of mine, is making a documentary film about adolescent girls in residential psychiatric treatment facilities. She will be providing these girls with Super 8 cameras and teaching them to make their own cinematic self-portraits.

Stacy and her cinematographer Alice have a website, http://www.stacypershall. com, where they're trying to raise the money to make the film, one dollar at a time. There is a link on the site where you can donate $1 via paypal, or you can mail a buck in an envelope to Stacy's literary agent. With your help and the magic of the internet, Stacy and Alice are trying to raise $50k.

If 50,000 people give a dollar, the film is made! Please consider a donation, and please repost this everywhere you can! Thank you!

Jul. 22nd, 2008

loreleidotcom is trying to earn money to go to Puerto Rico on a school trip. Want to help out? Here is her Etsy shop.

She's an awesome kid, you should help her out.

helping again

Remember that time I asked you to donate a dollar to help stacy make a documentary about young women with eating disorders? Well, there's another cheap and easy (free, actually) way you can help. You just go to this here website and vote for her documentary "Better the Devil You Know". They're at 89% right now. She can win 10k for the documentary if she wins this so go spend two minutes to register and vote please!

Thank you verra much.


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